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Robot and gating system

despite the implementation of platform strategy, series manufacturing, component family and standardization, there are still many different types of components in the automotive manufacturing industry. These components need to be manufactured economically and should be delivered in time. Georg Fischer GmbH, located near Munich and belonging to GF automobile company, is also facing such problems. It is a professional manufacturer of sand box aluminum casting

so far, liquid metal has entered the sand box from the storage furnace through the pouring chute. When it is necessary to switch to another sandbox, the refitting time is relatively long. Only experienced casters can correctly adjust the pouring chute and the required melt. Moreover, during pouring, the assistants must monitor the pouring process and repeatedly clean the pouring chute. However, the functional failure and maintenance work on the pouring chute affect the economic benefits, productivity and flexibility of manufacturing. On the other hand, the function of pouring chute depends on human factors, which can easily affect the quality of castings

quick clamping system for replacing pouring spoon

since the introduction of flex cast pouring system, Liansu Group sold 1.003 billion tons of PVC pipes and accessories in 2013. Jiaxing people's work on FA1 model and casting equipment is much more flexible, and the economic benefits are also greatly improved. This gating system was developed by experts from robotec engineering GmbH in bad saeckingen. In this system, a robot with a curved arm structure pours the required molten liquid into the mold box. According to the size, the pouring Spoon Set for this purpose can hold liquid metal Up to 100 kg, and can be quickly replaced with the help of the quick clamping system

flex cast gating system

the pouring shaft protects temperature sensitive components, such as the servo motor used to drive the rotary motion, which can protect it from being damaged by the hot melt. In addition, it is also responsible for accurately rotating the pouring spoon to the position where the liquid metal is extracted from the holding furnace and poured into the mold box. With the help of two connecting rods and eccentric shafts, the motion process is almost independent of temperature, and there is no gap. The accuracy of movement and the high accuracy of positioning and measurement are closely related to this. The error that can be measured is less than 1%

Tang Tao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social security, said that the connecting rod transmission device is very rigid and can be maintained for a long time without wear. The transmission device is continuously lubricated and protected by a steel shell from the influence of external ambient temperature. Therefore, it can work reliably even under the influence of harsh environment

there are many advantages in pouring with industrial robots. First, it ensures a high degree of flexibility. The motion of the robot is programmed and controlled by means of a set of software developed for this purpose. These software were compiled by experts from robotec engineering GmbH. The company has 30 employees, mainly engaged in the research of manual operation and automation technology scheme in the foundry workshop

these software can parameterize the casting process without programming knowledge. On a keyboard sensitive graphic screen, you only need to input the parameters used for the motion of industrial robots (that is, the so-called pouring curve). In addition to the starting position, it also includes the depth of the pouring spoon into the molten liquid, the rotation speed and the position of the pouring spoon in the pouring box. It measures the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of the beam; Angular position. The control device saves the parameters adjusted at one time in the database as a data group. In this way, the data can be automatically called out and received by pressing the key when it is reused. This minimizes the installation cost of the robot and ensures a high degree of flexibility during pouring

in addition, the pouring robot can also be connected with another robot, which can drill gates and feeding ports in molding sand. Knowing the necessary data of this process can reduce the installation time of the model and pouring equipment. Once it is replaced on other castings, the pouring robot will automatically receive the position of the gate, so as to avoid the transfer error. As a result, a high degree of process safety is achieved, and the process is very safe even when the gate and feed port change

automatic correction of pouring position

the data is retained in the central database and the control device of the pouring robot through the network, and then the robot automatically corrects the position of pouring molten liquid. This ensures that all equipment components that participate in the pouring can work according to the current data by means of utilization demonstration and post implementation subsidy. This avoids pouring errors and equipment downtime. In this way, the sand casting aluminum workers in Jiaxing have gained flexibility, and at the same time, the safety of the process and the quality of casting have been greatly improved. (end)

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