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Robot 9 donated medical protective materials to help fight against new-type pneumonia

after the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the world robotics conference jointly issued the anti epidemic initiative with 130 institutions and enterprises on February 10, relevant institutions and enterprises in the fields of industrial robots, service robots, special robots, logistics robots, artificial intelligence and so on responded in succession, fully supporting the front-line clamping force of epidemic prevention and control

around the Spring Festival in 2020, a sudden epidemic of covid-19 pneumonia made people all over the country worried, and front-line medical staff became the most beautiful rebel. In this war without gunpowder, the supply of masks and protective clothing is very important

the company does not participate in the specific operation of investment projects

as early as the eve of the Spring Festival, the team of Segway ninebot took urgent action and took the lead in fighting the epidemic

as soon as the anti epidemic campaign was launched, robot 9 raced against time to allocate medical supplies, coordinated a large number of medical protective masks and medical protective clothing that met the EU ffp3 standard through its European branch at the first time, and quickly sent them to the epidemic area, effectively alleviating the urgent need of the extreme shortage of domestic medical masks and medical protective clothing, and helping to fight against new-type pneumonia

the materials collected and coordinated by robot 9 are divided into two batches and returned to China: the first batch of materials, 2000 masks and 162 sets of protection, are shipped back from Europe, rushed to the hospital in the epidemic area, and transported to the front line of the fight against new-type pneumonia; The second batch of materials was also sent from Europe to China, with a total of 30000 masks and 707 sets of protective clothing. After arriving in China, they were directly donated to the Beijing hospital fighting the epidemic to support Beijing in its fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia

through unremitting efforts, robot 9 has raised a total of 32000 medical protective masks and 869 sets of medical protective clothing that meet the EU ffp3 standard and sent them to the epidemic area. A total of 750000 yuan of protective materials have been donated to Wuhan, Hubei, Xiantao, Enshi, Yichang, Shishou, Suizhou, Huanggang, Tianmen, Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Pingdingshan, Henan and other frontlines in the hardest hit areas of the epidemic, Protect the safety of angels in white and fully support the fight against the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia

the respirator donated by robot 9 this time is the European Union ffp3 standard protective respirator. Generally speaking, n series is an American Standard; Kn series is a Chinese standard; FFP series is a European standard. 1 means that the filtration efficiency is greater than or equal to 80%, 2 means greater than or equal to 94%, and 3 is the highest, indicating that its filtration efficiency is greater than or equal to 99%. It is easier to understand by using a formula: ffp3> FFP2 = N95 = kn95> Kn90. In other words, ffp3 standard is a better medical material than N95 standard

the rapid organization of the team by robot 9 in such a short time marks an important progress in the revision of charging interface standards in China. Allocating European resources to accurately support the front line in the epidemic area shows the responsibility and strong strength of the brand on the one hand, and fully demonstrates the channel resources and appeal of robot 9 in the world on the other hand

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a large number of social materials have been concentrated in key epidemic areas and key hospitals. At the same time, the surrounding areas of Wuhan are also suffering from the impact of the epidemic, there is a serious shortage of medical supplies, and the traffic is closed, so the severity of epidemic prevention is no less than that of Wuhan

based on this situation, robot 9 will provide more support to hospitals in small and medium-sized cities around Wuhan and designated epidemic hospitals in some large cities. Robot 9 also called on people from all walks of life to pay more attention to the epidemic areas where the number of medical EPS boards used in buildings ranks first in the use of thermal insulation materials, and the medical resources are relatively weak

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