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How about robam/boss 66a1+9b17 European touch pumping unit? Boss 66a1 9b17 evaluation comments

my family recently purchased this robam/boss 66a1+9b17 European touch non disassembly and cleaning range hood gas stove and smoke stove. For a period of time, medium and low-end cars mostly use hard dashboard. Now I want to share my feelings about using this robam/boss 66a1+9b17 European touch pumping unit. Comments are as follows:

the delivery is fast, and the packaging is also very good, It will soon be the turn to make an appointment for installation. The boss's kitchen and bathroom are very comfortable to use. The oil tank machine works very well. After using it for a few days, it absorbs a lot of oil. The gas stove ignites. It's crackling. On the whole, it's good. There is a little suggestion that the installation service of the boss should not be limited to the installation service of a new kitchen. Now many old kitchens will change three piece sets to expand the service, such as helping to expand the hole, or removing the ceiling, you can charge an appropriate fee, and don't raise the fee very high. Some, such as taking down the old range hood, can expand the service at no cost, and don't always ask for fees. Reprint other user comments and share them with friends behind for reference

at the same time, various recyclable materials (including other new materials) are used to create

robam/boss 66a1+9b17 European touch pumping unit configuration parameters [check the official quotation]

brand: robam/boss

boss smoke range elimination Kit Model: 66a1+9b17

intelligent type: does not support intelligent

range hood exhaust volume: 18 cubic meters/minute

color classification: European new products

fuel type: natural gas liquefied gas

panel material: tempered glass

gas range structure: embedded

smoke machine installation position: top suction

local service: domestic service local door-to-door installation

after sales service: national joint insurance

smoke stoves Type of consumer Kit: smoke stove combination

range hood type: European style

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