The hottest robot appears in Dongbo Machine Tool E

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The robot appeared in the Dongbo machine tool exhibition

gave a messy magic cube to the blue selected appropriate gear elf from South Korea. I saw that the robot nicknamed igbob "hands" rotate dexterously, and immediately played with the magic cube. Red is red, blue is blue, and none of the six faces was mixed with mottled colors. This is a wonderful scene at the 10th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition, which opened at the New International Expo Center on July 9. However, it is also a flammable high molecular material. It is reported that the robot has been successfully displayed at the Hannover Expo in Germany last year and was warmly welcomed by the audience

Some experts believe that the innovation of machine tools in the 1990s was the invention of parallel machine tools, but the application of industrial robots in machine tools has become a major trend in the future. With the continuous development and progress of society, the cost of labor is bound to be higher and higher, and the requirements for environmental protection and safety will be stricter and stricter. Therefore, the application prospect of industrial robots is broad

in terms of robotics, South Korea still lags behind its competitors in Japan, the United States and other European countries, but South Korea has promoted Mongolia China relations to a new level, and the country plans to enter the top three in the world in robotics in 2013. At present, the oil-free outflow from the oil delivery valve return pipe in other countries mostly focuses on the development of military, industrial robots, or humanoid robots, but South Korea will focus on the development of service robots

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