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Robin Lee's proposal: it is suggested to revitalize the dedicated resources and support the dedicated operation units to apply for telecommunications licenses

in May 2015, Premier Li Keqiang made clear five specific measures to promote speed-up and fee reduction at the executive meeting of the State Council. At the beginning of 2016, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said at the National Conference on industry and information technology that raising speed and reducing fees remained the focus of work in 2016

according to a proposal obtained by the Beijing News yesterday, Li Yan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and CEO of Baidu, but what deserves the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. The cumulative order amount of key contact enterprises in the machinery industry has rebounded. Honghong suggested that special resources be revitalized and special operation units be supported to apply for relevant Telecom licenses. He said that the investment of dedicated resources into social operations will help to achieve the goal of speeding up and reducing fees as soon as possible

there is still room for further efforts to increase speed and reduce fees

Robin Lee said in the proposal that in recent years, China has introduced a series of policies such as broadband China and promoting speed and fee reduction. However, compared with the international community, the development needs of China's Internet society and the expectations of users, there is still room for further efforts to increase internet speed and reduce fees

Robin Lee, member of the CPPCC National Committee and CEO of Baidu. At the same time, China has a large number of industrial specialized resources in the fields of roads, electricity, education and so on. If these resources are put into social operation, it will effectively strengthen market competition and help to achieve the goal of speeding up and reducing fees as soon as possible

it is suggested to support the application for telecommunication license by the special department

Robin Lee suggested that the idle resources of the special department should be revitalized and the special operation units should be supported to apply for network access facilities services, interconnected domestic data transmission services and other relevant telecommunication licenses; Create a fair and open competitive environment, actively guide the three major operators to open the interconnection interface to the private sector, realize cross interconnection, reduce the inter settlement price, ensure the communication quality, and provide policy support for the fair competition between various operating entities. On the basis of full consideration of network capacity and industry willingness, select some industries to carry out pilot demonstration

Liuqicheng, an expert in the communication industry, said that the core competitiveness of the communication industry lies in the data center. The data center is used for the transmission and storage of communication data. At present, it is mainly controlled by the three major operators. If we introduce the earliest foreign technologies or relatively new theories into China, it is expected that Chinese enterprises will be able to access and make use of these resources

what is it

special is special communication, which is mainly the special communication network within major enterprises, industries or organs, such as railway system, forestry system, public security army, factories and mining enterprises, etc. it is mainly used for the internal biological hydraulic universal material testing machine, which is suitable for the production scheduling of tensile experiments of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials or employee communication

in the period of planned economy, China's public development was very slow and far from meeting social needs. Some industries established their own internal communications to meet the needs of production. After the reform and opening-up, the public communication capacity has been rapidly improved, the communication operation efficiency has increased significantly, the operation cost has been continuously reduced, the operation quality has been significantly improved, the service level has increased significantly, and the construction speed of the special school has slowed down. Due to insufficient capital investment and slow technological renewal, the operation cost of the special school has been continuously increased, and the equipment tends to be aging

how difficult is the socialization operation of the college

compared with the public and private services, the efficiency of transmission is relatively low; Moreover, the specialized socialized operation requires relevant departments to adjust relevant laws, regulations and technical standards, which is not a matter of a day or two. The most important thing is that the owners of the special are not necessarily willing to open their communication networks, because they may also have security concerns. Liu Qicheng, an expert in the communications industry, said

what is the impact on the traditional communication industry

Robin Lee said that the three major telecom operators should be actively guided to open the interconnection interface to the private sector, realize cross interconnection, reduce the inter settlement price, ensure the inter communication quality, and provide policy support for the fair competition between various operating entities

in fact, China Railway connect itself was born out of the railway system. After it obtained the telecom business license, despite the twists and turns in its development, the verification regulations of non-metallic tensile force, pressure and universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine are repeated too much in content, which enhances the competitiveness of the current telecom market. Some people believe that with the times and technological updates, after the opening-up, it is expected to invest in the competition of the telecommunications industry through the alliance or cooperation with other industries such as Internet enterprises, so as to inject fresh water into the telecommunications market

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Xi Guohua: the performance evaluation after the speed increase and fee reduction should also be supported

Xi Guohua, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former chairman of China Mobile, said in the proposal that under the condition of ensuring safety, we should get rid of unreasonable industry access restrictions that do not meet the development requirements, relax the policy threshold of two-way entry of telecommunications and radio and television businesses, accelerate the promotion of three integration, and better comply with the development law of the information technology industry

Xi Guohua believes that the majority of users are still dissatisfied with the speed increase and fee reduction, and relevant work needs to be continued in 2016

while deploying the work of increasing speed and reducing fees, we should not only consider the actual situation of the market and grasp the pace of work, but also introduce corresponding supporting measures for performance and benefit assessment to support the sustainable development of telecom operating enterprises, further promote the speed and fee reduction, and contribute to economic development. Xi Guohua said

Chi Fulin: the telecommunications industry should get rid of administrative monopoly

at the 2015 national two sessions, Chi Fulin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and President of China (Hainan) development and Reform Research Institute, pointed out in his proposal that the competition links of monopoly industries should be fully liberalized to social capital, and industries focusing on power, telecommunications, petroleum, civil aviation, postal services, etc., should further get rid of various forms of administrative monopoly

in his view, the development of China's service industry does not lack capital, let alone market demand. The key is to form an open environment for the service industry market. In the 13th five year plan, breaking the monopoly of the service industry market and forming a new pattern of opening the service industry market have become a major task of deepening market-oriented reform

considering that administrative monopoly is the main contradiction hindering the market order of fair competition, it is suggested to incorporate anti-administrative monopoly into the anti-monopoly law and establish an anti-monopoly review system. Chi Fulin said

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