The hottest robot appears in the bank as an assist

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Cute robot appears in the bank as an assistant, selling cute funny will also talk about business

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in this era of experience first, the financial industry pays more and more attention to services, from solving efficiency problems to welcoming guests with a smile, and then to promoting intelligent experience products. Financial services are becoming more and more humanized. Recently, Jinling Evening News will launch a special plan to discover new phenomena in the financial industry for readers when science and technology meets finance. In the first report, let's talk about the adorable robots of the newly rich in banks

I'm ugly, but I'm gentle. Can you hug me, These humorous and witty words come from the mouth of the bank lobby assistant. Will you believe them? Besides, this assistant has a long history! Recently, I found that cute robot assistants appeared in the lobby of many banks in Nanjing, which is not only of high business level, but also very gratifying

Meng machine has become a new favorite of the bank. Our company sends professional technicians (certified engineers) to the site for free online debugging

Hello, I'm Hua Xiaoxia. Is there anything I can do for you? Recently, as soon as I walked into the business department of Huaxia Bank Nanjing Branch, this was about 1. The 6-meter-high red and white robot is winking at the people around it

it is Hua Xiaoxia, the new employee machine assistant of Huaxia Bank, who was just invited to the bank in May this year. It is understood that Hua Xiaoxia is not only humorous and cute, but also can answer business questions for customers, and even has a little experience in life and daily necessities. Therefore, as soon as he took up his post, he became a popular star of the bank

can you take me to the business management area for the goals you have achieved? Hua Xiaoxia readily agreed to the question he heard. OK, please follow me! With that, he turned around and raised a hand, guiding him to the office area like a service staff. After the precise guidance was in place, Hua Xiaoxia silently returned to his original seat. On the way, he occasionally met someone in the way, and Hua Xiaoxia would say, alas, who blocked my way, please let me

the relevant person in charge of the bank told that Hua Xiaoxia's current position is as a lobby assistant. It is very popular with customers. If the machine is in standby mode, guests waiting for business can often laugh at its words and deeds. It's a nag. Even if no one talks to it, you have to talk to yourself there. It also likes to tell jokes, which has not been repeated so far, so the guests coming to us, whether old or young, like it very much

many banks in the urban area have introduced robots

it is understood that huaxiaoxia is customized by technology companies, and it is a human-computer interactive robot introduced by Huaxia Bank in Jiangsu. At present, Hua Xiaoxia can only accept consulting and guidance services, but the relevant person in charge of the bank said that in the future, they will integrate a number of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, semantic word segmentation, intelligent interaction, and make use of the back-end intelligent knowledge base platform to improve Hua Xiaoxia's business level and service ability. In the future, Hua Xiaoxia will also provide call service, which is believed to be more convenient for customers

in addition to Huaxia Bank, I learned that Nanjing Shengtai Road branch of Ping An Bank also has a cute robot an an with a sweet voice. According to the staff of the bank, an an an can not only recommend products to guests, handle business, but also recognize faces. I remember every guest who comes

smart devices become upstarts in banks

earlier, some banks launched self filling machines. Middle-sized customers can open their cards directly on the mobile terminal, and then transmit the information to the counter. Customers only need to go to the counter to sign and get their cards, which greatly saves card processing time. The appearance of intelligent robots marks that more and more intelligent devices have been applied to the financial field. The use of new banking devices such as intelligent call preprocessing, remote banking VTM, e-banking service area, and intelligent interactive desktop also saves cumbersome processes and greatly facilitates customers' operations

according to insiders, intelligent preprocessing terminals, intelligent channel diversion system and intelligent interactive desktop have been used in the banking system. Face recognition, virtual reality and other technologies will also be used as new means to enrich point marketing, improve customer service and strengthen user experience in the near future. In the future, banks will become more and more meticulous and humanized in their services

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