The hottest roads in Beijing crisscross 40000 mile

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Beijing's roads crisscross 40000 miles

the total mileage is more than 18000 kilometers, close to half of the total length of the equator

according to the latest statistics, the total mileage of roads in Beijing has exceeded the environmental protection standard, higher than the national standard by more than 18000 kilometers, close to half of the length of the equator (with a total length of about 40000 kilometers). Among them, the mileage of urban roads is 3786 kilometers

it is reported that the mileage of roads in Beijing is 14453 kilometers, the mileage of urban roads is 3786 kilometers, and the total mileage of roads (including roads and urban roads) reaches 18239 kilometers. Among them, 2764 kilometers of high-grade highways account for 19.1% of the total mileage of highways: 499 kilometers of highways, 420 kilometers of first-class highways and 1845 kilometers of second-class highways

it is understood that the road density in Beijing is 110 kilometers, which will be created by the engineers of the company/100 square kilometers. According to the population, the road density reaches 16 kilometers/10000 people. Beijing has initially formed a "chessboard radial plus ring road", a road system with national and municipal roads as the skeleton and district (county) and township roads as the branches

by the end of 2003, the total number of administrative villages in Beijing was 4005, and the number of oil roads had reached 3701, accounting for 92.4%. In 2005, Beijing will make every village accessible to oil

it is also understood that Beijing will focus on improving the rail transit, expressway, urban expressway and trunk road systems, accelerating the construction of North-South passages and connecting lines in the urban area, vigorously expanding the "microcirculation" systems such as secondary trunk roads and branches, improving the overall operation efficiency of the road system, and establishing an integrated urban and intercity road transportation system, So that the road traffic environment in Beijing can be fundamentally improved, and the improvement of this problem can be well solved by adding jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00

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