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Robin Lee: artificial intelligence is inextricably linked with people's livelihood.

Robin Lee said that in the next 10 to 15 years, conservatively speaking, it may only take 10 years. Artificial intelligence will become the main driving force of future economic development. He is very confident in future economic development

Robin Lee himself paid special attention to the relationship between "artificial intelligence" and "people's livelihood" at the two sessions. It is emphasized that government departments should lead the construction of the industry, carry out the construction of artificial intelligence ethics, and speed up the progress of integrating new technologies into people's livelihood to benefit the people

more than 2000 members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference attended this conference. It is reported that Robin Lee, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Baidu, brought a proposal on artificial intelligence ethics at this conference, suggesting that we should strengthen the research on artificial intelligence ethics and create the cornerstone of the development of intelligent society. Regulate and predict the development of AI technology from the perspective of society, government and the public

at present, China is in an international leading position in the R & D and application of artificial intelligence technology. In 2017, China issued the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence", which aims to preliminarily establish artificial intelligence ethics in some fields. But on the whole, the current discussion on artificial intelligence ethics in China has just started, and has not yet formed a broad consensus. In this regard, our participation in international cooperation is relatively small, staying at a relatively shallow level

committee member Robin Lee believes that AI is still in the early stage of development, but it has approached or even exceeded human ability in some fields, showing great power of change. The intelligent revolution is bringing about changes in human-machine relations. In the future, machines will no longer be simple tools, but may help or even partially replace people in decision-making. Only by strengthening the ethical research of artificial intelligence and dealing with the new relationship between machines and people can we get more dividends from artificial intelligence and let technology benefit mankind

he suggested that the competent government departments should take the lead to organize industry experts in interdisciplinary fields, AI enterprise representatives, industry users, the public and other relevant parties to carry out the research and top-level design of AI ethics, promote the improvement of people's livelihood and welfare, promote the healthy development of the industry, and take the initiative of a new round of technological revolution

in fact, as early as May 26, 2018, in the speech at the "Ai high-end dialogue" session of the China international big data industry expo, Robin Lee proposed four principles of AI Ethics: the highest principle of AI is safety and controllability; AI's innovative vision is to promote human beings' more equal access to technology and capabilities; Reduce the auxiliary time of experiments. The value of AI is to teach people to learn and let people grow, rather than surpass and replace people; The ultimate ideal of AI is to bring more freedom and possibility to mankind. He believes that in addition to the rapid progress of technology in the AI era, we increasingly feel the need for new laws, values and ethics. All new AI products and technologies need a common concept and law that everyone can follow

last October, baidu also became the first Chinese member of the global Ai Group partnership on AI (PAI). Pai is an organization led by top technology companies in the United States. It is committed to promoting the development of global AI technology and formulating ethical standards for AI research, including ensuring that AI research and development does not violate international conventions. Its members include Google, apple and Facebook of alphabet

it is reported that this year, member Robin Lee brought three proposals, all related to artificial intelligence. In addition to artificial intelligence ethics related proposals, it also includes proposals to build intelligent transportation solutions to make people travel more smoothly; And the proposal to improve the electronic medical record management system, promote the exploration of intelligent medical application, and help the implementation of the "healthy China" strategy

in an interview with the media on the 1st of this month, Robin Lee talked about his views on this year's proposal. In his opinion, AI legislation itself should not be too advanced. Many times, new things have just appeared. Let it run for a while, and then sum up experience and find laws to legislate. Secondly, the legislation involved is different in different fields. For example, there was no relevant law in the past. Robin Lee mentioned that the survival of the fittest will be achieved in the market. Beijing attaches great importance to extruder enterprises. Orders will be significantly increased. Driverless driving will soon have corresponding laws to ensure that our innovation can be carried out in an orderly manner. Today, Baidu has obtained 50 left and right self driving test vehicle licenses

in addition, Robin Lee also talked about the need for relevant legislation in medical treatment, unifying the format of e-disease for the product calendar, what fields must be included, what content must be included, exchanges between different hospitals and institutions, the need to protect the privacy of patients, and so on, which should be solved through legislation

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