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Siemens attended the fieldbus PROFIBUS roadshow with cutting-edge technology

following the successful fieldbus Profibus Technology Lecture held in six cities in China last year, at the request of users from all walks of life in China's industry, the China PROFIBUS Organization (CPO) continued to be in Beijing and Xi'an in May and September 2006. Most people had all kinds of glass bottles and cans in their minds, Four cities in Nanjing held a "Profibus Technology Lecture on Fieldbus" in two phases. The last two lectures were held in Wuhan on September 19 and Nanjing on September 22, respectively, which brought a successful end to this year's fieldbus PROFIBUS Tour Lecture. As an expert in fieldbus technology, the product manager of process automation system attended the event on behalf of the automation system Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and gave a lecture on the latest technology and development trend of PROFIBUS to the participants. The attendees of the meeting were from petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, power generation, food and beverage, water treatment, papermaking, cement and other industries, as well as relevant design institutes and system integrators. The lecture expanded the influence of PROFIBUS products led by Siemens and achieved good results

Siemens has always been a company that guides the world's technological development trend with technological innovation. It has developed a variety of bus technologies for different application needs, such as EIB, ASI, PROFIBUS, etc., among which PROFIBUS is one of the most important bus standards in the world. The PROFIBUS field bus led by Siemens has maintained a leading position in the industry in terms of the number of installed nodes and market share since it was launched more than ten years ago. After the successful application of PROFIBUS, Siemens introduced the industrial field connection technology with higher performance and more powerful functions, namely PROFINET Industrial Ethernet

for PROFIBUS, Siemens has developed three standards, PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS in order to make the ball drop impact this series of friction and wear testing machines have more experimental methods. The testing machine is in good working condition and has a long service life PA, PROFIBUS FMS. Where PROFIBUS "Transmission has become an increasingly dynamic field in China's automotive market. DP is a bus standard that focuses on logic control and motion control; PROFIBUS PA is a bus standard that focuses on process control, and PROFIBUS FMS is a bus standard that focuses on system networking. The new PROFINET is a new generation of industrial networking technology that integrates three standards. For different applications, the same network technology and different Network products can meet the needs of customers

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