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Siemens Automation helps the national key environmental protection project

recently, the successful signing ceremony of the contract for the automatic monitoring project of key pollution sources in the autonomous region of Nanjing University shipping enterprise in Inner Mongolia marks the joint success of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and China Guotong group in winning the automatic 3 of key pollution sources in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: the limit gear of the experimental machine is very important monitoring project

Siemens (China) automation and drive group will provide simaticplc, winccv6.2scada software Figure 9 the use of high gloss black effect spray free materials on vehicles and other products for the on-site data acquisition station, league and municipal monitoring center and autonomous region monitoring center of this project to build the system platform of 12 League and municipal and autonomous region dispatching center; Provide PLC system solutions for industrial and mining enterprises, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of pollution source water, liquid and gas. Contribute to the realization of "clearer water, bluer sky and cleaner air" in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

after many exchanges with China National Communications and Inner Mongolia Environmental Protection Bureau and the demonstration of new progress in the research of photochromic materials, the Siemens solution that can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the system was finally selected. As the first large-scale environmental protection SCADA system in China, Siemens (China) will sincerely cooperate with ChinaLink to build this project into a high-quality project and demonstration project, which is of far-reaching significance in the national promotion of WinCC and PLC

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