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Siemens announced 6900 layoffs worldwide, half in the early morning of November 17, Beijing time, Germany. According to CNBC, Siemens, a German manufacturing conglomerate, announced on Thursday that it would cut 6900 employees worldwide in response to changes in the energy and commodity industries

Siemens said in its release that about half of the layoffs will be carried out in Germany and will be carried out in the affected industry sectors in the next few years, covering one third of its core businesses, including power and natural gas sector, power generation services sector, manufacturing sector and transmission sector

Siemens' cost cutting initiative comes at a time when the growth of the global power industry is generally slowing down. BAOYING should exert some tension. Major companies, including its competitor General Electric, are trying to cope with the negative impact of the decline in demand for core power business

Joe KAESER, CEO of Siemens, hinted at the company's annual earnings report last week that the company's energy and natural gas sector had been in a long-term dilemma. At present, Siemens is in the transformation stage from large-scale energy equipment such as coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants to small-scale equipment such as wind energy and solar energy

Joey Cather said: if the new business has a bright future, then we must respond. Although the process is very difficult, it must be adjusted in time

this layoff action is essential to ensure our long-term competitiveness in power plant technology, generators, large motors and other fields, which is the goal of the measures we are taking. Janina Kugel, chief human resources officer and member of the management board of Siemens, said

although Siemens will take this layoff action, the company expects the level of its newly recruited staff to remain stable from the current fiscal year to the middle of 2018, and said that it plans to transfer as many affected employees as possible to the existing 3200 vacant positions

Ximen is prone to traffic accidents. 13. If it is inconvenient, the layoffs involving about 6100 people will be carried out in the company's global power and natural gas departments

previously, Siemens has implemented a plan called pg2020, which aims to adapt to the changes in the energy and commodity industries. However, in the draft released on Thursday, Siemens admitted that although the plan has helped the company make great progress in the power and natural gas industries, these measures must be further strengthened because the scope and speed of market changes have increased significantly

Siemens currently employs about 372000 employees worldwide. After the above news came out, the company's share price barely changed

just before Siemens' announcement, General Electric just announced a comprehensive restructuring plan, including halving dividends, to make the company's business more glossy, streamlined and focused. General Electric CEO John Flannery told investors that 2018 would be the year of the company's rebirth

on the other hand, Siemens will also face pressure from trade unions in this layoff and reorganization. Like many large German industrial enterprises, trade unions have played a strict role in supervising the layoffs of enterprises

a member of Siemens' board of directors said that at present, the company's workers have begun to plan a small-scale protest. The company's executives are expected to hold a closed door meeting with labor department officials on Thursday to announce the detailed restructuring plan, which is expected to be made public later

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