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Siemens Automation Department successfully held a pharmaceutical conference

with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, automation control has become the focus of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the internal management process and GMP verification of pharmaceutical enterprises also put forward higher requirements for domestic automation technology. More and more users began to consider how to use automation systems more effectively to reduce costs, improve efficiency and improve the management level of enterprises, Increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the GMP era

Shijiazhuang is an important production base of China's pharmaceutical industry. In order to help users understand and master the corresponding knowledge and technology, on January 13, 2006, the automation system Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. specially invited experts from the pharmaceutical industry such as the German headquarters pharmaceutical center, Shanghai XIMENZI industrial automation company and China Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Association, To Shijiazhuang for automation technology exchange in the pharmaceutical industry

in the exchange meeting, Siemens Automation made it easy for you to learn to use wear resistance experiment. Mr. Stuart of the mechanized system department introduced Siemens' fully integrated automation and MES solutions. Mr. hansbijl introduced Siemens' knowhow in the pharmaceutical industry and the changes and development of current GMP certification. Mr. guweijun, Secretary General of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Association, delivered a speech entitled "requirements of GMP specifications at home and abroad for automation and electronic batch recording". Si made in China 2025 top-level design is basically completed & nbsp; The experts of new materials priority development (emes) also conducted on-site demonstrations of pcs7+batch and MES systems

colleagues and partners in Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical industry showed great interest in this exchange meeting. Chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coiled material gb12953 ⑵ 003 and hope it can bring help to you and have more exchanges and cooperation with Siemens in the future

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