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Siemens as won the expansion project of Chongqing Metro Line 3

as Bu, successfully defeated its rivals, and won the expansion project of Chongqing Metro Line 3 on August 27, 2010. It has high speed ratio, high stability and 1.3. The design of the experimental machine should be reasonable in structure, beautiful in shape, simple in operation, easy to maintain, and the use of high-performance electromechanical devices such as variable frequency electromechanical devices and servo electromechanical devices that realize stepless speed regulation will greatly simplify the mechanical structure of the experimental machine, The total price of the project is 10million yuan. Through this project, Siemens' leading position in Chongqing Metro construction market will be further consolidated, and the share of as products in rail transit will increase to 80%

a large number of Siemens products will be used in this project, including 100 sets of et200m, 50 sets of S, 27 sets of S7. These process enterprises will run-414h by themselves and 25 sets of scale. The engineering design unit is Beijing urban construction design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the general contractor is Nari Technology Development Co., Ltd

Chongqing Metro Line 3, 60 kilometers from the south to the north, is planned to be completed in three phases. The whole line adopts straddle monorail transit. Compared with other systems, this system has many advantages, such as small turning radius, strong climbing ability, low noise, small floor space, etc. This has over-current, over-voltage, overload and other protection devices - the transportation system is suitable for mountainous areas, with excellent environmental protection effect. Because it can greatly reduce the traffic pressure in Chongqing, local residents have been looking forward to this transportation system for a long time. The project connects the political, economic and cultural center with public and residential areas, which will promote economic development, improve traffic conditions and improve social benefits. The first phase of the project has been constructed since 2007 and will soon be put into operation

this is a major step taken by Siemens in Chongqing Metro market. With this project, Chongqing citizens' Association will enjoy a faster and more convenient transportation system, which will make a great contribution to the development of Chongqing

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