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Siemens Automation Innovation Tour Series Activities

on January 25, 2007, Siemens' 2007 automation Promotion Conference - Shenyang station kicked off at InterContinental Hotel. As the regional product promotion manager, Siemens as Bu promoter carefully prepared a new year dinner for OEM customers in Shenyang and surrounding areas

at this event, Siemens promoter colleagues Li Tengfei, Qu Minggang, and Meng gaobin brought you wonderful product introductions, showing Siemens sensor products, the fastest 319cpu in S-Series PLC, and the full range of SCN family products, and focusing on the introduction of SCN 64 point i/o expansion module and a new generation of text display td400c without affecting material functions. At the same time, The best partner of SCN, ktp-178 touch screen, and other new medical materials and preparation technologies with new mechanisms were also demonstrated on site, which made the participants have a better understanding of Siemens products

during the event, OEM colleagues in Siemens' northeast region had cordial exchanges with participating customers to further deepen mutual understanding. In addition, CS colleagues Wu Guangxin and Jiang Li from Siemens' region also shuttled among customers to answer their questions about the on-site demo and product use

as the last stop in Northeast China, while delivering the latest Siemens technology to customers, Siemens sincerely hopes that the flowers of Siemens products can bear fruits in the hands of customers. With the promotion of supply side reform policies such as battery white list and battery policy guidelines of four ministries and commissions, it also hopes to further expand Siemens' influence in the automation field on the basis of cooperation with customers

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