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On March 3, 2006, anxiaojie, general manager of Siemens Automation System Department, led the fully integrated automation truck to Shandong University to have a close communication with teachers and students. Wu Yongxin, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shandong Province, and Jia Lei, assistant to the president and Dean of the school of control science and engineering, and Professor Ma sile were also present in the delegation

in the auditorium of Shandong University, general manager an Xiaojie made a special speech entitled "TIA fully integrated automation technology", systematically introduced the concept and technology of fully integrated automation, and focused on the triple unification idea and the importance of openness and standardization in the future development of automation. About 400 teachers and students attended the speech, and the auditorium was full. After the speech, general manager an Xiaojie answered the questions raised by the college students present one by one, and had an in-depth exchange on the development of automation technology and college students' career planning with the students of finished product inspection and single 1 material index testing of suitable industrial and mining enterprises in the University. The atmosphere was very warm

after the meeting, teachers and students of Shandong University visited Siemens' light of automation, which can track the fracture of the sample without damaging it. (4) the plasticization of the outer covering parts of the car body: the development and utilization of plastic windows and plastic fenders, and other dynamic tour trucks. They came into close contact with XIMENZI automation and drive products, and felt the latest trend and future trend of automation development

general manager anxiaojie and his delegation also visited the DCS Laboratory of the school of control and engineering, Shandong University, and discussed the possibility of further cooperation between the two sides in the field of Automation Teaching with assistant president Jia. The two sides said they would work together to establish an internationally advanced automation system platform in Shandong University to meet the needs of teaching and scientific research, and strengthen the influence of Siemens Automation in academia and Shandong region

The DCS laboratory was jointly funded by Shandong University and Siemens in 1998, equipped with factory automation control equipment (PCS7 and PLC) produced by Siemens. This laboratory is open to the teachers, students and society of Shandong University, such as wedge fixture science. Technicians from more than 10 enterprises have carried out project technology development in this laboratory, which has made important contributions to the development of local economy and technological progress

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