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Siemens and Xianning municipal government jointly build a resource-saving and environment-friendly ecological city

Wuhan, China on October 24, 2009, Siemens signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xianning municipal government in Hubei Province to jointly build a resource-saving ecological city with sustainable development. As Siemens' first eco city project in China, this cooperation aims to build a model city that can be used by other cities in China. According to the framework agreement, the two sides took the lead in launching four demonstration projects, namely, the two oriented society demonstration zone, "green" power plant, "green" energy-saving building and basic medical treatment demonstration system. The signing of this agreement confirms Siemens' firm commitment to promote the implementation of China's "central rise strategy" and to gather more ecological enterprises to achieve long-term sustainable development. Dr. Hao Ruiqiang, CEO of Siemens Northeast Asia and President and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Ren Zhenhe, deputy secretary of the CPC Xianning Municipal Committee and mayor of Xianning, attended today's signing ceremony

"In 2008, Siemens Central Research Institute began the eco city research project, which aims to build a practical and reproducible urban model for China's urban development. We are glad to see that we share a beautiful vision with Xianning municipal government in building an eco city, and are committed to building Xianning into a resource-saving and sustainable development 'two oriented society' model city. You may not know much about masks What is the difference between the covers? " Dr. Hao Ruiqiang, CEO of Siemens Northeast Asia and President and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., pointed out, "the framework agreement signed today marks the beginning of our long-term cooperation. I believe that with the full support of Xianning municipal government and Siemens' resolute innovation, Xianning will develop into an ecological city with economic prosperity, social harmony and environmental friendliness in the near future."

in December 2007, the Chinese government officially listed "Wuhan 1+8 urban circle" (Wuhan plus 8 surrounding cities) and "Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration" as two national reform demonstration areas of "two oriented society". Xianning, located between the two urban circles, has an important strategic position, which helps to promote the implementation of national policies and accelerate the process of urbanization and industrialization through the development of a "low-carbon" economy. "The cooperation with Siemens will help Xianning achieve its ambitious goal of establishing a regional clean energy base and advanced production base in an eco-friendly manner. We are very happy to work with Siemens to vigorously develop an eco city." Renzhenhe, deputy secretary of the CPC Xianning Municipal Committee and mayor of Xianning, pointed out

according to the cooperation framework agreement, Siemens will work with Xianning municipal government and local partners to launch four demonstration projects. The first demonstration project is the "Jingui Lake pilot area of ecological science new city" jointly built by Siemens and Xianning municipal government, which provides a reference case for the rapid realization of plastic film microchannel networking for future urban development and the decomposition and implementation of the steel production capacity removal task in 2017 with relevant departments. The second demonstration project, the "green" energy project, will be carried out by Siemens in cooperation with China Resources Power Hubei Co., Ltd. to improve the energy efficiency of Puqi power plant by upgrading the motor and installing Siemens' advanced frequency converter that can save 50% of energy consumption. The third demonstration project aims to build Xianning's first "green" landmark by using Siemens' "green" building control technology. Siemens will also promote the application of the latest technologies and products developed for rural and community medical markets, so as to build a demonstration system of basic medical care with Xianning

with the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of environmental protection products, Siemens has become an ideal partner for sustainable urban development in the world. For example, at the beginning of this year, a research project jointly carried out by Siemens and Munich proposed a solution for Munich to build a model urban area with extremely low carbon dioxide emissions within 30 years. Siemens also saw the huge potential of Chinese cities, and invested half of its medium-term investment budget of 10billion in innovative energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and solutions. In addition, by 2010, 40% of Siemens' orders in China will come from its environmental protection business portfolio

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