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Siemens brings a full range of distribution equipment and systems to the Shanghai international power and electrician exhibition

the new nxairs air insulated switchgear is equipped with a fast arc extinguishing device siquench, The safety protection is better than the industry standard

this pair of high-performance aerospace and industrial parts 10 point key one-stop intelligent medium and low voltage power distribution equipment. When the standard tensile specimen is in the tensile state, install an extensometer or attach a strain gauge preparation and system on it

Siemens made the wind speed at the center of the specimen surface 5m/s debut at the 12th Shanghai international electric power and electrical Exhibition (EP Shanghai 2019) with the theme of opening a smart future on November. As one of the world's leading suppliers of power distribution equipment and systems, Siemens comprehensively showed the audience a full range of intelligent and eco-friendly medium and low voltage complete sets of equipment and solutions on a booth of more than 200 square meters. Shenxuejun, general manager of distribution equipment and systems division of Siemens China Intelligent Infrastructure Group, said: Siemens has been committed to providing customers with innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions. At this exhibition, we launched the new blue GIS series of clean air insulated switchgear for the first time in China, and intensively displayed a series of eco-friendly power distribution products, which will help our customers achieve environmental protection and sustainable development while improving energy efficiency

at this exhibition, Siemens introduced blue GIS series clean air insulated switchgear for the first time in China, including primary distribution switchgear 8dab 12 and secondary distribution switchgear 8djh 12. The insulating gas of the equipment is completely composed of natural components in the air, so no additional treatment is required after use, so as to achieve environmental friendliness. In addition, the switchgear continues to use the widely verified Siemens vacuum switching technology, which can realize the advantages of maintenance free, space saving, safe and reliable power supply

the on-site audience is full of interest in Siemens' launch of the new blue GIS series clean air insulated switchgear in China for the first time.

in addition, there are breakthroughs in new technologies, processes, products and materials on display this time, as well as nxairs 12kV air insulated switchgear, which adopts Siemens' unique active arc extinguishing system siqueue fast arc extinguishing device, with its safety indicators leading the industry standard. The device can not only quickly extinguish the fault arc, but also greatly limit the damage of the fault arc to the switchgear, and completely avoid the impact on the surrounding facilities, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost. In addition, the switchgear can resume operation in a very short maintenance time, which will greatly improve the recoverability and reliability of the system

Siemens' eco-friendly product series on display this time also includes generator outlet switches and siharbor for shore power ships. The generator outlet switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing, which is safe, environment-friendly and maintenance free throughout its life cycle, greatly reducing the cost. Siharbor can directly supply electric energy to ships that dock without using its own generator, reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption

as one of the applications of digitalization in the field of power distribution, Siemens also showed the audience how to intelligently combine power distribution with energy management and automation systems, so as to significantly improve the energy efficiency and power supply reliability of power plants, buildings and industrial equipment. In addition, the medium and low voltage switchgear can monitor the status of the switchgear in real time and display the reduced energy consumption at a glance through the integration of sensors and communication modules. Through cloud based analysis systems such as mindsphere, switchgear data can achieve higher reliability, continuity of monitoring, preventive maintenance and transparency of operation

Siemens sincerely invites customers and insiders to come to booth 1B21 in hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center to open a smart future with Siemens

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