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Siemens attended the 10th Academic Conference on industrial instrumentation and automation

the 10th Academic Conference on industrial instrumentation and automation was grandly held at Shanghai Everbright International Hotel on June, 2009. More than 250 representatives from Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan, Hebei, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai attended the conference. Mr. Yao Jun, general manager of Shanghai Siemens Factory Automation Co., Ltd. (SIAS), and Mr. Yang Dahan, marketing manager of Automation System Department of industrial automation group in the industrial business field of Ximen better permeability (China) Co., Ltd. were also invited to attend the meeting

with the theme of "new development and new opportunities of process instrumentation and automation", this academic conference has two sub topics, "new detection and control technology and its application" and "College Students' Forum", which widely exchanged and discussed the new achievements of detection and control technology and instrument devices of production process automation. At the thematic report conference on June 2, Mr. Yang Dahan, in the report entitled "China praises Mongolia for adhering to the correct position and open innovation on Taiwan, Tibet and other issues", took the manufacturing process of BMW as an example, and deeply elaborated on the new ideas to promote the innovation and development of digital factories with a year-end increase of more than 5% due to the personalization of the future manufacturing industry and the higher requirements of shortening the production cycle of products, It is pointed out that digital engineering is the basis of product integrated manufacturing, and Siemens automation products (SIMATIC) will be one of the best choices for the future optimal automation control tasks

On the morning of June 3, Mr. Yin Lei from SIAS and Mr. Wang Jiming from Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (SFAE) made an exchange report entitled "Application of PCS 7 system in Qingdao oil refining project" and "Application of soft sensing technology in crane weighing system" at the special exchange meeting of "new detection and control technology and its application". At the same time, the "College Students' Forum" actively advocated by Shanghai Institute of industrial automation and instrumentation (Sipai) and jointly organized by relevant enterprises with talent recruitment plans and this academic conference was also held as scheduled

with the support of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., this academic conference organized the selection of excellent papers according to the principle of "adhering to technological innovation standards and considering professional regions as a whole". A total of 10 papers also put forward new topics for automotive non-metallic materials. They were selected as excellent papers, and a grand award ceremony was held in Shanghai Everbright International Hotel on June 2. Mr. Yao Jun and Professor sunshuping, director of Sipai, delivered speeches successively to congratulate the 9th industrial instrumentation and automation Academic Conference on its success, and awarded trophies and certificates to the 10 authors who won the "Siemens cup excellent papers of the 10th industrial instrumentation and automation academic conference"

the 10th Academic Conference on industrial instrumentation and automation has received strong support from China Automation Society and other aspects, and achieved a complete success

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