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Steel planner system for fully automatic control of tropical production

the steel planner system newly put into production by Corus company in the Netherlands has entered full load operation. The subsystem beta planner of this system, provided by VAI Engineering Technology (VAI) Company and MCE company (joint venture) advanced information system company, compiles the best full-automatic control program of Corus tropical mill with an annual output of 4.6 million tons according to the current and predicted computer system of electronic universal testing machine through controller constraints, relevant processes and logistics parameters. Medi term, the subsystem of beta planner, provides the best options for all kinds of the most suitable finished plate packaging boxes required to meet the existing and contract scheduled materials and their consumption in the whole production cycle. Using this system can make use of its function of optimizing scheduling jobs, reduce the scheduling workload by 60% and greatly improve the resource utilization. Through stee2, experimental methods: l the planner system can also unify the management mode of the plate blank yard. The beta planner can update the latest records according to the latest information of the existing slab quantity, significantly improve the transparency of production, expand the scheduling time limit and improve the predictability of production

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