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The steps and materials required for the declaration of Chinese labels of imported food

countries around the world have been setting up barriers to the import of foreign products through product packaging and labeling legislation. In China, the food label audit certificate is the first pass for foreign food to enter the Chinese market. Its declaration is highly professional, requiring employees to have solid food professional knowledge, good foreign language ability and proficient in the relevant laws and regulations of food labels. At the same time, they also need strong government communication skills and social relations background. All these have increased the difficulty and progress of this work, and then affected the market development plans of many companies

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I. when declaring labels, it is necessary to make sure that many customers buy low-cost products:

1 Application for review of imported food labels

2 Compared with the production of imported food, the country (region) is allowed to sell two sets of supporting documents (in Chinese and English)

3 Description materials of the contents marked on the label of imported food

4 Imported food processing technology, composition analysis table and other data (Chinese and English)

5 Two copies of business licenses of imported food dealers and agents

6 8 samples of labels

7 Samples with complete packaging

sound this item is only stated when necessary:

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